We do not transfer clients with covid or flu-like symptoms.
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Transportation for seniors and Those with Disabilities


We aim for a human approach towards our clients, treating them with respect while recognizing their challenges and needs.

Doctors Visit

If you’re needing to make a doctor’s appointment and don’t have a way there. Let us take care of you. We will get you to your appointment on time and help you get into the office.

Shopping Trips

If you want to go shopping and enjoy yourself but have no way of getting there. Call Us and schedule your ride. You won’t have to worry about not getting the things you need when you need them.

Family Visits

We know visiting family is difficult during the pandemic. Don’t feel hopeless. We have got you covered. We will take you and allow you to enjoy some quality time with your family members.

Internation Place Ship

$50 Per Leg Plus $3 Per Mile

We understand that times are tough now and the prices of everything is going up. We are offering our services for $50 Per Leg Plus $3 Per Mile.

After Hours and Weekend Rates – +$40 

Holiday Rates – +$100

Outside of Franklin County – Normal Rate + $4 per mile
2 Counties Out – $50 per county


Our Dialysis Transportation Experts provide safe and comfortable transportation to dialysis appointments. They are highly trained and committed to ensuring that our patients receive the best care during their transportation.

International Logistics

Broda Chair Transportation

At Compassionate Care Transportation, we understand that seniors and people with disabilities need reliable and comfortable transportation options. 

That’s why we offer specialized services to meet your needs, including transporting Broda chairs. Broda chairs are durable medical equipment that provide comfort, safety, and mobility for people who require long-term seating solutions. 

Whether you need to go to a medical appointment, a social event, or a family visit, we can transport your Broda chair with ease and care. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get where you need to go.

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A wheelchair equipped with a seat and backrest for wheelchair transportation services near me.
We Offer Quality Wheelchair Transportation Services

Why Choose Our Wheelchair Transportation Services?

We understand that getting to the places you need to go can be difficult. We work hard to make sure that you enjoy your experience with us. We offer a first class experience with drivers professionally trained in field.
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Disability Transport Service Columbus

wheelchair transportation services that cares about you

We're here for you

We Know How Hard It Can Be to Find a Dependable and Qualified Patient Transport Service. Whether you need help with a trip to the grocery store, or are looking for assistance with long distance travel and medical care, we can be there for you!

Our drivers are specially trained and certified to cater to the unique needs of people. They understand the acuity of your situation and have been trained to provide a safe, competent, and caring experience.

All our vehicles are well maintained and offer the best comfort for travelers.

Looking for wheelchair transportation services near me in Columbus Ohio we have got you covered?

We'll take you where you need to go

No One Should Have to Go Through the Hassle of Wheelchair Transportation Services by Themselves. We’re Here to Help! Compassionate Care Offers Disability Transportation Services to Those People Who Need Help With, Post Operation Transport, Rehabilitation Transport, And Dialysis Transport. Call Us Today for A Free Quote.

Transportation For All Ages

Wheelchair and senior transportation services In Columbus, OH

We Understand That Some People Require Different wheelchair and senior transportation services. Whether they need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle or a van with seats that recline, we have it. We’re confident you won’t find another company quite like us.

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Exploring the Nuances of Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Choosing the Right Mobility Solution

In our insightful guide, we delve into the distinct features that set wheelchairs and transport chairs apart. Whether you prioritize lightweight portability and easy storage with a transport chair or the self-propelling capabilities and versatile accessories of a wheelchair, understanding these nuances is crucial. We’ll also touch upon the importance of braking systems and a key safety note regarding transport chair use in vehicles. Click below to make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for your mobility needs.