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Transportation Employment Form

Experience unparalleled care with Compassionate Care Transportation, your trusted partner in providing personalized home care and safe transportation for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Together, let’s create a world where every journey matters and every ride is filled with comfort and compassion.


Desired Position

Personal Information

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I hereby authorize (agency) to request and receive from all prior employers, within one year of the date of this application, any and all pertinent information concerning my prior employment and its termination, including the reasons for such termination.


Education History

Compassionate Care Transportation




List Three Persons, Excluding Relatives Or Friends, As Professional References.


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Personal Information:

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The Company Complies With The Ada And Considers Reasonable Accommodation Measures That May Be Necessary For Eligible Applicants/employees To Perform Essential Functions. It Is Possible That A Hire May Be Tested On Skill/agility And May Be Subject To A Medical Examination Conducted By A Medical Professional.

(We Do Not Share Results Of The Background Check With Third Parties.)

Compassionate Care Tansportation

(Note: No applicant will be denied employment solely 011 the grounds of co11viclion of a criminal offense. The date of the offense, the nature of the offense, i11c/11di11g any significant details that affect the description of the evelll, and the surro1111di11g circ11111stances and the relevance of the o.fJe11se to the position(s) applied/or may, however, be considered.)

In The Event Of An Emergency, Notify Or Contact The Following Person


An Equal Opportunity Employer

Company Is An Equal Opportunity Employer. This Application Will Not Be Used For Limiting Or Excluding Any Applicant For Employment On A Basis Prohibited By Local, State, Or Federal Law. Applicants Requiring Reasonable Accommodation In The Application And/Or Interview Process Should Notify A Representative Of The Organization.

This Application Will Be Kept On File For One Hundred Twenty (120) Days From The Date Completed. If Not Assigned After This Time, A New Application Must Be Completed For Consideration Of Employment.

Compassionate Care Transportation

Applicant's Consent to Drug Screen

Drug and Alcohol Test Policy
I understand it is the policy of Compassionate Caregivers Home Care LLC to conduct drug and/or alcohol tests of job applicants for the purpose of detecting drug and/or alcohol abuse. One of the requirements for consideration of employment with Compassionate Caregivers Home Care is the satisfactory passing of the Compassionate Caregivers Home Care LLC drug test. For the purpose of being further considered for employment, I hereby agree to submit to a drug test. I understand that favorable test results will not necessarily guarantee that I will be employed by Compassionate Caregivers LLC. I also understand that if I test positive for any drugs that have the potential to alter the body's mental and or physical state whether legal or illegal, I hereby agree to issue Compassionate Caregivers Home Care LLC, a copy of results of a 15-panel drug screen. Drug screen is to be performed under the direction and documentation of a medical review officer at a state-approved occupational health/medicine clinic. I understand that I will be responsible for the payment of this screening. If I am accepted for employment, I agree to take a drug test whenever requested by Compassionate Caregivers Home Care LLC. I understand that the taking of such tests is a condition of my continued employment. I also give consent to the testing agency to release to Compassionate Caregivers Home Care LLC, and other officially interested parties the results of my tests.

Drug Screen Record

CMPCGR: Drug Screen Consent Form

Compassionate Care Transportation

Pre-Employment Background Check Authorization
1. Criminal record;
2. Sex and Violent Offenders Record;
3. Employment Verification;
4. Education Verification;
5. License Verification;
6. Motor Vehicle Records;
7. Personal/Professional Reference Verification;
8. Medical Suitability;
9. Drugs/Alcohol;
10. Child Abuse Clearance (if indicated).

- I authorize all federal and state agencies, persons, and organizations that may have information relevant to this research to disclose such information to Compassionate Caregivers Home Care LLC or its authorized agent(s).
- I understand that this authorization is to be part of the written and signed employment application.
- I also understand that I do not have to give authorization for a background check but if I don’t give permission, my employment application will not be processed further.
- I understand that I have specific rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and may have additional rights under relevant state law.
- I further authorize that a photocopy of this authorization may be considered as valid as the original.
- I hereby certify that all statements on this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that employment with Compassionate Care Transportation Care LLC is contingent upon successful completion of a background check.

List any other cities, states, and dates of residency during the last 10 years (use the back of the sheet, if necessary)

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